Antony Galbraith

Rev. Do'an Prajna Oneida, NY


I am a Zen Buddhist monk, part of the Five Mountain Zen Order and in addition to teaching meditation and holding Zen services, I create art. The purchase of prints here help support my ability to live and teach as a monk. Thank you for your consideration.

My paintings and drawings explore the natural world and examines ancient mythologies, while seeking to remove the artificial barrier humans have created to separate us from nature. It is my goal to contribute toward creating a new mythic tradition that doesn't ignore the myriad non-human life-forms that have the right to exist with dignity on earth.

I also spin yarn and weave. My fiber work is a practice in meditation and contemplation. My goal is through contemplative practice that results in creating a piece of art that can be used as an object of contemplation, with the potential to wake up a person to the limitless potential of the present moment.

For more information or to see my fiber work and weavings please visit www.doanart.weebly.com

Please note that the paintings in my gallery are professional digital scans. The depth and range of colors are limited to the capability of the monitor that the image is being viewed on. Keep in mind that most colors tend to appear less saturated on the monitor than the original or from what will appear on the final print. The watermark "Fine Art America" which appears on the images will not be on your purchased print.

All artwork and text Copyright 2015 Antony Galbraith (DoAn Art). All Rights Reserved. Any downloading, copying or use of images on this website is strictly prohibited without the express written consent by Antony Galbraith.


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